The Impact of Web Design

With more and more people flocking to mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, Internet surfing is no longer exclusive to desktops. Because of this mobile revolution, it’s extremely important for your company to have a website designed for all devices. But is it possible to have a site that equally favors both desktop and mobile users?

Responsive Design

JTR Solutions’ Personalized Web Design and Responsive Web Design experts work together to construct sites so that the content, images and structure remain the same across all devices. In other words, a user accessing your site on their desktop will get the full view, and when they visit using a smartphone or tablet the site will retract to fit on the smaller screen. With our responsive design, we eliminate the need for various websites to support different devices.

Recommended for Search Engines

Search engines like Google prefer responsive web design, because it’s more efficient for them to crawl your site. With JTR Solutions responsive Website Designs, your sites have just one URL and the same HTML for all devices, versus a different URL and HTML for a separate mobile site and desktop site. It’s more effective for search engine spiders to crawl and index one site as opposed to multiple versions of your site, consequently increasing your relevance and ranking.

Easier for Sharing

A responsive website is easier for users to share. The reason for this is, again, because of the single URL. Considering users access the internet on various devices, if someone shares your mobile site on a social network and their follower views it on their desktop, they will have a poor user experience because the shared site was intended strictly for mobile use. This often turns off would-be quality leads, increasing bounce rates, and ultimately hurting your mobile search ranking.

Conversion Increase

If a user has difficulty completing a conversion on their mobile device, it’s less likely they will convert. JTR Solutions’ Responsive Web Design developers make certain conversion elements display correctly on every device, ensuring a better user experience and increasing your conversion rates. Furthermore, responsive design reveals information about visitors through A/B testing, allowing you to determine which tactics are most effective to your marketing efforts and which are not.

Odds are your competitors aren’t using responsive design, and they’re losing potential customers. Let JTR Solutions’ Personalized and Responsive Web Designs help you stay ahead of the competition by catering to your continuously increasing mobile users.