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We take pride in being 100% USA based and offering software development services
"Made in the USA". We are not the biggest software company, but we are the best.

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We are custom software development. Our team is comprised of some of the brightest minds with degrees and various backgrounds from all over the USA. Our experience and industry expertise is far reaching. We hire only the best talent and encourage our clients to communicate directly with any of our resources, not just an account manager or project lead.

Our Agile approach ensures quick results and immediate return on investment.
Read more about our key differentiators below.

Custom Software Development - We love it - We live it - Since 2007

Our key differentiators include:

We structure all projects for fast return on investment

USA based team ensuring the highest quality

We build for YOUR business to give you a competitive edge

We promote open communications and encourage our clients to communicate directly with any team member

Our custom Agile project management approach

Intense research and planning to ensure all project requirements are met

Stop the offshoring!!

We have seen the damage offshoring can cause to a custom software development project. We are often asked by clients to come in and fix it. Many companies that employ offshore resources will claim to have lower prices. While this may be true when comparing hourly rates, it will take 2 - 3 times longer to complete the work, eliminating any cost savings. Worse yet, these companies regularly issue "Change Requests" which will increase the cost of the project due to unforeseen work that should have been discovered as part of the planning phase of the project.

Quality is another major problem with offshoring. Their "Experts" are often times people with no software development experience. We have been asked many times to come in and fix custom software development projects that were originally developed by an offshoring company, and it's not pretty. Most times the software is not working at all even after the client has spent $$$. We call this Project Rescue and we have gotten quite good at it.

Even if you do not work with us, it's important you are aware of why offshoring custom software development projects is a bad idea. Please be diligent with any software vendor you plan to use. Ask them where their team is located, tell them you want to speak directly with their developers, and for a bio or resume of each project resource. It will pay off in the end!

Why you should partner with JTR Solutions

Effective communications and NO language barrier

Industry expertise - We are experts and will prove it

We build trust and long lasting client relationships

Projects delivered on time and on budget

No resource turnover mid project

Quality and attention to detail is our priority


Just call us code masters. With 161 years of combined experience and the certifications and awards to back it up, our talented team is ready to take your business to the next level.

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