Our Agile Approach to Custom Software Development
ensures quick results and immediate return on investment

We ask questions so we can find the right solutions. We will engage in a research, discovery, and planning session at the start of each project. This is where we learn the specifics of your business, uncover all of the details of your software project, and gather user stories from your employees to ensure we are capturing all project requirements. The discovery session is crucial to the success of our custom software development projects, and allows for a low risk and predictable approach to catapult your business past the competition.

Pre-Project Consulting

Okay, so you know you need help with your software project but you are not sure where to start.

We are here to help and will discuss your custom software project free of charge. We'll listen to your requirements and ask questions to learn more about your software project and determine if JTR Solutions is the right fit. We want you to succeed regardless if we are building your custom software.

Discovery & Planning Session

Great! You are ready to start your custom software project. Now it's time to dive into the requirements and uncover every detail of the project.

We will meet to discuss all project details, ask questions about the project, outline the goals of the project, and gather user stories necessary to understand all aspects of the software project.

It's Go Time

We will take all project requirements uncovered in the discovery and planning phase and plan the detailed releases of your software project. Each release is designed to maximize your return on investment through quick build sprints that will have you up running in your new software quickly.

Discovery and planning is now complete -- Now It's Go Time!

JTR is a Full Cycle Software Development Company

From rough idea and brainstorming, through our detailed design and planning session, to our Agile development process and post project maintenance programs, we are the one stop shop for your next software development project.

Plan for Success

Planning is crucial for a custom software project. We'll meet with you to review all project requirements and map out the detailed release plan for the project.

Design for your Business

Companies with custom software solutions have a unique and competitive edge in their market. Our work is custom for YOUR business, providing you with the competitive edge to catapult past the competition.

Deliver on Budget and on Time

Unlike other software development companies, we do not issue change requests. The purpose of the planning phase of a custom software project is to uncover all details of the project before we start development. This ensures that the project will be delivered on time and on budget.

Maintain for long term success

All software needs to be maintained. The good news is we have you covered. Once the project is complete, we can host, manage, and maintain your custom software to ensure it is running smoothly.

A goal without a plan is just a wish...

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