System Administration

Any number of issues can cause an IT failure, and if it’s not easily identifiable what caused your failure and how to fix it, this may mean a complete operations shut down. Time spent struggling to troubleshoot problems means time lost accomplishing your company’s important tasks.

Keep yourself and your resources on track moving your business forward, not backward. JTR Solutions’ Fully Managed IT Services and system specialists provide various options to remedy your specific IT issues, offering flexible and scalable solutions.

Whether your need for operating system administration changes day to day or if you need it 24/7/365, our Managed IT Services offer the highest level of protection and responsiveness. Our system administration experts continuously monitor and protect your company’s operating systems, ensuring peak performance of your IT environment at all times. Plus, you can count on JTR Solutions for uninterrupted services on a daily basis for less cost than employing the staff and resources it would take to accomplish the same task.

Windows, Unix ad Linux system administration can involve a lot of work, like performing backups and monitoring system activity and security, as well as adding users, hardware and new systems to your network. Not to mention the very precise process it takes to complete those tasks. If the proper steps aren’t taken, major time-consuming problems can ensue, and most business professionals don’t have time to spare.

If you lack the time or resources necessary to handle system administration tasks, or if you need expertise for certain tasks, JTR Solutions is here to help. Our Fully Managed IT Services ensure continuous management of your operating systems, promising nonstop protection, response and maintenance.