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We are custom software development done right. Our goal is to empower your business with the software necessary to take your business to the next level. We help businesses automate manual processes, connect disparate software systems, digitize paper based operations, and much more. We solve complex problems with custom software.

It's no secret that companies that invest in custom software have a competitive edge in their market. With off the shelf software you are being forced to pay for all of the features and functionality, even though you may only use 10% of it. Why pay for features and functionality you don't need?

Want to customize it to better fit your business? Forget it. Most off the shelf software is license based which means you do not own the software, cannot customize it, and will be paying for it in eternity.

Our approach to custom software development will maximize your return on investment and have you up and running in your new system in no time. Our iterative, low-risk development approach allows us to rapidly build complex applications while maintaining flexibility and quality control in the project.

We know that software projects are rarely "over". New add-ons and enhancements are often suggested, and bugs can pop up over time that require fixing. This is why we offer a full guarantee including 180 day warranty period designed to correct any possible bugs that may surface after the project is finished.

The best part about working with JTR is that we are an extension of your team before, during, and after the custom software development project is complete. We have the best team in the business and want to show you why.

How JTR Solutions can help you with custom Software Development

We have various types of engagements designed to help you no matter what stage of the project you are in:

Pre-Project Consulting

Not sure if you are ready to start on a custom software development project? No problem, we are here to help. Contact us for a free consultation on your software project. We will happily speak with you to help guide you in the right direction, even if we are not the right partner!

Discovery & Planning

The discovery and planning phase is when we will sit with you to review all project requirements. We will gather user stories by meeting with you and your teams to ensure all elements of the custom software project are accounted for. We will then create the detailed release plans of your software project, designed to get you the fastest return on investment.

Custom Software Development

This is the build phase of a custom software project. We have all project requirements mapped and the detailed release plans created. We will push releases of the custom software to your QA environment for you to begin testing. We can also develop onto and integrate with existing software systems if you are in need of some quick development.

Project Rescue

Are you stuck with software that is not working? Maybe you used offshore resources and it did not work out? We can come in and rescue the project. We'll work with you to gather requirements and review the work that has been done so far to determine if it is salvageable.

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