API Integrations

An application programming interface, or API for short, consists of a set of tools which make it possible to manage software; and API is essential for communication between various programs.

An API is strictly a software-to-software interface, enabling applications to “talk” to each other without requiring any user involvement. You can think of API as a behind the scenes process. There’s a lot going on that you, as a user, don’t see.

For example, when you shop online and enter your credit card information, the website you’re shopping on uses an API to send your info to a remote application which then verifies whether your information is correct and confirms payment. At that point, the remote application sends a response back to the site allowing the purchased items to be issued. This process is appropriately referred to as “seamless,” because the user only sees one interface — the web site.

An API can also assign responsibilities to remote software that accomplishes tasks better, rather than utilizing one core application to do everything. In order for your business to enjoy cross-functional and multidisciplinary synchronization and data management, your primary management systems must merge with other systems. JTR Solutions achieves this through API integration.

Our Web Development professionals have completed several API Integration projects, including the TourCMS API configuration. Through our partnership, TourCMS enables travel companies to feature and sell their products and services on many travel websites for additional distribution.

At JTR Solutions, our software architects and DevOps experts of West Chester and King of Prussia understand that you may have some systems and platforms you’re not ready to replace. We’ll provide a variety of API configuration options, offering numerous approaches to integrate platforms already in your landscape. Our software development team can accommodate custom programming and API integration to keep all your systems working in harmony.

Let JTR Solutions help you address the complex challenges of multiple systems by providing innovative solutions for your company’s specific needs through API Integration.