Full Stack Senior Software Engineer (PHP/Laravel/Vue)

USA Only


JTR Solutions is a custom software development company that self-incubates SaaS products - some very unique; Always interesting and fun! We have had a very successful 20 years.

We are once again expanding and looking for top-talent to build an all-star team in a new insurance vertical.

We set the bar very high and hope you do too. Let's respect each other's time. Serious top-level candidates only.

While our local headquarters is in Philadelphia, this is a fully remote position. Most of our developers are remote, but always from the United States. We use some great tools such as real-time whiteboarding, screen-sharing, collaborative planning and more that makes working remotely feel not so remote.

Key Responsibilities



Send us your resume and a message letting us know why you'd be a perfect fit!

Apply for this job by emailing your resume to jobs(at)jtrsolutions.com, subject ALLSTAR