Why Your Business Should Invest in SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the proven way to organically increase your website’s visibility. Search Engines are like spiders; they crawl the web and index content which they use to rank sites in order of relevance. The keywords on your page play a big role in your search engine ranking, but which terms and phrases are best for your site?

JTR Solutions discovers descriptive, efficient keywords that most effectively reaches target users and drives traffic to your site, and we don’t stop there. SEO is about more than simply getting users to land on your site; it’s about understanding what your key customers are looking for and delivering it through relevant content.

Driving Visibility and Credibility


Another component that ensures high ranking is the popularity of your website. The theory is if the page is popular it stands to reason it must have more valuable information. Furthermore, users are naturally drawn to the top of a list of search results, and they now know that those listed higher have the most merit. If your site repeatedly shows up in a user’s search results, they will trust that your information is reliable and eventually click through to your website.

Even though relevance and popularity are very important, you can’t lose sight of your users and design content only for SEO purposes. With our help, your website will contain the best of both worlds: user-friendly, useful information along with a clear hierarchy and text links that get your content shared.

Avoid SEO Pitfalls

Though link building is essential, not all links are created equal. Bad backlinks or footprints, such as links from unrelated pages, link directories and spam leave traces that can hinder your search-engine rankings. JTR continuously monitors and manages SEO footprints to avoid bad backlinks, which ultimately upholds site rankings and credibility. Additionally, we use footprints dutifully, linking to sites with related keywords, ensuring good link building opportunities.

Another danger of SEO is keyword stuffing. Much like it sounds, keyword stuffing is the practice of filling as many SEO phrases onto a page as possible. Not only will this result in a poor user experience, but search engines are wise to the tactic and will send your ranking on a nose dive, if they don’t remove it entirely. Our experts responsibly insert keywords and synonyms, focusing more on readers than search engine spiders, thus creating valuable content. JTR’s responsible SEO practices result in a more attractive site which users will enjoy and trust; plus search engines reward sites that implement a variety of synonyms, so that they too stay relevant.

Customer Insight


Once our SEO generates traffic to your site, that data is tracked for performance. This data includes valuable information about your customers, such as how they search, what words they use, the technology they use, the region they live in, which days and times they are most active, and so on. This data allows us to continuously monitor your site’s performance, making changes as necessary to continue boosting search rankings. Not only will tracking aid in ongoing site management, moving forward the data will also help you make more educated decisions concerning your business strategies.

SEO is a worthwhile marketing endeavor that can bring your business valuable leads and customers. What’s more, studies show that SEO can have a better ROI than traditional marketing. Let our experts help increase your company’s visibility and credibility through responsible SEO tactics.

Amanda J. Rebuck
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