Why you should reconsider using WordPress with your website

Many automatically assume WordPress is the right content management solution for a new website, citing the same reasons.

“It’s popular.”

“It’s used by millions of websites.”

“It allows me to update my website content easily.”

I am here to tell you why you shouldn’t be so quick to decide.

1 – It’s inherently slow – Yep, you read that correctly. WordPress is driven by a database that makes many database calls for each user on your website. If you have a popular website with many concurrent users at all times of the day, you are almost guaranteed to have a sluggish website.

Recently, Google and other search engines have placed an increased importance on site loading times for both desktop and mobile. If your competition is using a static HTML site, they are already beating you with respect to loading times.

2 – Plugins are prone to hacking — You probably have seen this on your website or maybe some others. Plugins need to be constantly updated in WordPress for security patches. If you fall behind on these updates, your website can quickly become hacked. Offshore hackers will inject code through these unstable plugins rendering your domain reputation useless and destroying any search engine rankings of your website.


3 – Ongoing management – WordPress has continual updates to its core program as well as the many plugins your site requires. This means you need to stay current on all of the updates and checking your versions on a weekly basis. If you are falling behind, you are vulnerable to hacking. Why risk all of this for the ability to update text through a graphical user interface?


There is a clear trade off when using WordPress (or any other CMS for that matter). Yes, you get the benefit of updating text through a GUI, but I would argue it’s not worth the sacrifice. The ongoing maintenance is more than that of a static site. There is an increased risk of being hacked, and you are at a disadvantage from an SEO perspective because of Google’s increased importance on site loading times.

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Until next time — Tom Rowinski

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