Paid Advertisement Campaigns Increase Conversion

Paid advertising is an important component of your company’s digital marketing. It’s the best way to reach and attract users to your brand, ultimately influencing them to purchase your product or services. Most of today’s consumers make purchase decisions after conducting online research, proving the significance of paid ad campaigns. Not only does this tactic increase sales, it also drives more traffic to your site — but how do you know that this traffic will lead to high conversion rates? JTR Solutions ensures your company’s paid advertising performs as it should be, specifically targeting consumers that are interested in what your company offers.

Google AdWords and Longtail Keywords


A big mistake made in paid advertising is choosing the wrong keywords. Google AdWords are those keywords which company’s pay for so that their site appears high in Google’s search results. The competitiveness of the keywords and the relevance those keywords have in regard to conversion depends on their overall effectiveness. In other words, it isn’t a given that the AdWords your company purchases will work for your business.

JTR Solutions’ Digital Marketing West Chester experts understand that the highest-traffic keywords do not guarantee success, and they use their knowledge to purchase only the most effective AdWords, giving you the most bang for your buck. Broad keywords, referred to as “head” keywords, are more costly and they aren’t necessarily the words your customers use during their search. This is where longtail keywords come in. They’re obviously longer, but they’re also more specific, ensuring that the traffic drawn to your site consists of quality leads that are looking for exactly what your company offers.

How Paid Ads Benefit Business

Businessman uses the new media technologies like apple ipad to work successfully.

JTR Solutions Social Media Marketing West Chester and King of Prussia consultants use specific sites like Twitter and Facebook to highlight your business and its events through display ads and promoted tweets, to name just a few approaches. This type of advertising works because it appeals to your target audience by posting to the social networks that your consumers visit the most. You can even display products they’ve already shown interest in buying based on their browsing and past purchase activity. When combined with other online ads, such as video and mobile, your company’s message spreads across multiple channels, therefore reaching more people for higher conversion rates.

The best part about online advertising is the ability to track each advertisement’s performance. Not only will you be able to see the amount of traffic produced by the ad, but you’ll also see how many clicks led to quality leads and purchases. JTR Solutions reviews results regularly, using the information to adjust advertisements, further increasing conversion and, ultimately, your company’s success.

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