Improve your SEO with Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing and SEO are more than temporary fads or buzzwords. Both strategies focus on creating an interesting identity that will attract and engage users and potential customers. Since successful social media depends on quality content and visibility, using Fully Managed SEO services can expand your reach and, therefore, your search engine rankings.

In order to maximize your company’s visibility and customer engagement, JTR Solutions’ SEO Consulting experts manage and post on your company’s behalf, on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, as well as posts blogs on your website. Our Social Media Marketing efforts will boost your SEO by capitalizing on its many benefits.

Increase Your Follower Base


The amount of followers your social media profiles have significantly impacts your search engine rankings, and in order to grow your base with quality followers your social media efforts must remain consistent. Our experts present your brand distinctively and with the same tone your users come to expect through blogs, tips, analyses and general discussion topics. We’ll then follow up with your users through direct communication on your behalf. This is a crucial step in developing customer relationships and building your interactive following as it encourages followers to return and bring in new followers of their own.


Social Sharing

Shareable content results in effective link building, which also contributes to a high search engine ranking because it increases your brand’s authority. Social sharing is accomplished through social signals such as likes, favorites, replies and retweets. Furthermore, search engines reward social signals like these because of the organic, non-manipulative nature of the tactic. In order to encourage linking, JTR Solutions’ Social Media Marketing West Chester and King of Prussia teams develop appealing, high-quality, shareable content, maximizing your potential to attract new users to your site who will continue the sharing cycle.

Brand Awareness and Loyalty


JTR Solutions increases social media engagement with your users, giving them a quality experience with your brand. This direct engagement leads to an increased online brand presence, which leads to more branded searches and greater visibility, consequently improving your company’s reputation. Not only will social media drive traffic to your site, the positive experiences your users have also results in more brand loyalty, ultimately growing your business. Customers appreciate quick, direct communication and whether or not they receive it leaves a lasting impression.


Take advantage of the many benefits Social Media Marketing has to offer. Let JTR Solutions give your users the best possible experience with your brand through thoughtful communication and content that really matters to them, thus increasing your potential for new customers on the widest scale possible.

Amanda J. Rebuck
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