Google Expected to Flag all Unencrypted Websites

Security is important to your users. But if that isn’t reason enough to ensure your website operates using HTTPS, Google should be. The search engine giant will soon strengthen its Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure ranking signal. If your company is unencrypted, you stand to lose out big.

Today, most business professionals understand the importance of results rankings. Many also know some of the factors involved. However, the weight of those factors continuously change and new ones are frequently added. JTR Solutions SEO Experts stay up to date on all changes and they’re ready to adjust your company’s site accordingly. Google’s latest change will not only reward sites operating with HTTPS, it’ll also negatively highlight those which do not.

If your website isn’t operating with Secure Sockets Layers, or SSL, a red ‘X’ will show up in Google Chrome’s URL field. This causes your site to appear unsafe in the eyes of your would-be customer. The ‘X’ ultimately deters users from clicking through and converting. Conversely, websites properly utilizing HTTPS will display a green locked padlock. This icon ensures secure data transmittal, thereby strengthening your site’s reliability among users. This will also increase your results ranking. Google is employing this feature to motivate companies to encrypt their sites, so that the data shared between users and servers be more secure. This is especially important when you consider the sensitive information exchanged online, such as passwords, credit card info and private personal messages.

The point is, HTTP is downright unreliable. The protocol utilizes plain text, so anyone can intercept and read all transmitted information. Unencrypted connections threaten both your users and your site. For this reason alone, it’s important to switch to HTTPS. The inherent risk of HTTP along with Google’s (and other search engines’) results rewards and security flags makes HTTPS conversion unavoidable and ultimately beneficial to all parties.

Don’t wait for Google to negatively flag your site. Choose JTR Solutions for accurate HTTPS encryption and provide a safe site for your users. This, along with all of JTR Solutions’ SEO best practices guarantee high Google rankings, setting your company apart from the competition.




Amanda J. Rebuck
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